Tuesday, December 9, 2014

How to Inject your Home with Some Vibrant Themed Style

If you are a discerning homeowner and self-proclaimed interior designer, you know that just any old décor won't do – you need pieces that will lend your space distinction and class. While you could always go for an eclectic mix of styles, however, sometimes it's easier and more tasteful to choose a theme and stick with it. With this in mind, here are some of our favorite themes at Shadow Ridge Antiques:

Classic Greco-Roman

Nothing says class like the classics. The ancients Greeks and Romans were justly famous for their simple, yet elegant art – especially sculpture, many pieces of which still stand today or inhabit museums like the Louvre. While you may not be able to take home a piece of the Pantheon or nab a piece of ancient pottery from Pompeii, you can purchase pieces that will make you feel as though you are in an ancient pavilion. Who knows? When your friends see them and decide to get some of their own, you may start a new wave of neo-classicism. Look for antique cast iron urns and actual marble to ensure that your pieces last for many years to come. 

East Asian

There has always been something exotic about eastern Asia, ever since Europe first began to trade with the area for silk and other goods. Perhaps it was their distance or their unfamiliar way of life that made the people so mysterious, but there is no denying the beauty and timelessness of their art. If you are an enthusiast of eastern styles and want to show it, then there are certain staples that you must have. For one thing, no Asian-themed room is complete without some kind of intricate pottery, but almost everyone has this kind of vase so you'll want to get a little more creative. Cranes, while not exclusively East Asian, are a theme in several stories and a subject of a lot of artwork, and anything with a bamboo pattern is always a good choice.

The Roaring '20s

The '20s were a unique time period in terms of both culture and style. With a World War behind them and women's lib at the forefront, people were incorporating many modern concepts into art, while still retaining a fascination with the ancients. The emphasis on modernity can be best seen in Art Deco, a style which celebrated new technology and labor with cool metallics and geometric shapes. On the other hand, with a flurry of discoveries in the Valley of the Kings in the 1920s – King Tut's Tomb being the most famous – Egyptian-themed art had its last pinnacle. Whether you are planning the ultimate Gatsby party or merely love the streamlined look of the era, finding items such as those pictured below will give your home the appearance of an opulent '20s mansion.

Remember, if you have a creative mind and know how to artfully combine different styles, there's nothing wrong with doing so; just try to make sure that there's some kind of theme linking the pieces together, be it color or general shape. Another fun option is to choose a theme for each room, so that you can have a little of everything without any conflicting designs.

What are your favorite themes for décor? 

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